Saturday, May 31, 2014

Desert Warfare: Securing a Bridge Near an Iraqi Town - Part 1 of 2 - Steel Beasts ProPE 3.011

In this blog entry, a US Cavalry troop (-) falls slightly short of securing OBJ Rockville, a tiny bridge near an Iraqi town.

This is game play from a custom-made single player fictional scenario.

A Troop (-), supported by two mortar vehicles has to secure OBJ Rockville. ENY resistance is expected to be light.
With the tank platoon leading, A Troop moves head on towards the objective. Since the threat from our left flank (the Iraqi town) is relatively high, I put my tanks on an echelon left formation. The use of this formation forces the AI team mates to move their turrets to the left and result on more "eyes" on our flank. In this screenshot the only tank looking forward is mine (foreground).
Another view of our echelon left formation. My tank (foreground) is looking straight ahead. The other tank in the background is looking towards our left flank.
A couple of minutes later, a BMP shows up in our thermal sights. This vehicle is located right within the objective and is engaged and destroyed at a range of 4,000 meters. 

Encouraged by our early kill, the tank platoon under my command continues to move forward. Iraqi tanks west of OBJ Rockville are quickly engaged and destroyed. Soon enough though, we get into contact with Iraqi vehicles and dismounts within the village.

We engage as much as we can (note smoke billows in the background), but in the end the Iraqis have the advantage because of their positions are in defilade relative to our axis of advance. We pull back for a couple of kilometers to re-approach OBJ Rockville and the village from a different angle.

To be continued ...